Our Initiative

iWANNA = Inner Wish And Nagging Aspiration

The term iWANNA is an acronym which stands for “Inner Wish and Nagging Aspiration”. The missing “N” is explained by saying “Your iWANNA is not complete until you’re in – Inspired, Involved, and Influential. You are the missing piece.” A person’s “iWANNA” represents their ultimate dream(s) or goal(s) for making a difference in the world.

i wanna - mission

Our Mission

To teach individuals how to live on purpose by unleashing their potential, their “inner wish and nagging aspiration” (iWANNA). To inspire others to become involved and influential in the world around them.


Our Vision

To inspire each person we encounter.

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Afford us the opportunity to change the world through your donations of $25 or more which will go towards our Fall Conference entitled; “GOT PURPOSE?”

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